Marianne Gubri (Harp) e Paolo Borghi (Hang)By entwining the different timbres of the Harp and Hang we create a combination of acoustics and sonority with a light and dark contrast, communicating the essence of Celtic, Mediterranean and tribal lands, futuristic scenarios and dreamlike tales.

The pulsating rhythm, distinctive and trenchant, articulates time, leaving space for a moving, melodic poem.

The instruments interact in a variety of harmonic sounds, creating the perfect setting for meditative states, relaxation and creativity.

The Duo has played in different theaters and festivals in Italy, France, Brazil, USA, EUA.





Harp & Hang DUO second CD, called “Menhir”, released on May 2017

A journey back to the era of stone, a prehistoric time where gigantic steles light the way to a spiritual path.
A leap forward to the minimalist future, to the innovative metal work of the Hang.
A path scattered with precious gems: from brilliant diamonds to lapis lazuli;
from aquamarine, evoking the colour of celtic oceans and bardic harps, to sand, stirred by the wind, transforming into Desert rose, to then finally flowing sinuously through an hourglass, following the rythm of its dreams.





Harp and Hang - NYANGAHarp & Hang DUO first CD, called “Nyanga”, released on July 2015, means Moon in Xhosa (Xhosa is one of the official languages of South Africa).

It evokes a part of the Universe hidden to the human senses. In the dead of night, the Moon, daughter of the Earth, forms a magnetic bond with living things and beings.